Installations & New Equipment
Software installations and instruction

New software can often leave a typical home user confused or anxious. Professional assistance is inexpensive, usually around $20 to $40, and , if you wish, can include some basic instruction in using the new software. Please let us know in advance if this is required as a review of the application and it's uses may be needed before arrival.

Data and program transfers

When you switch to a new PC, you'll usually want to move your documents, photos and other data from the old to the new system. The simplest way to do this is to remove the old hard drive and either permenantly or temporarily attach it to the new computer. Prices can vary greatly based on your requirements, but typically start at as little as $20. Please call ahead for a more detailed quote.

New system consulation

Purchasing a new computer can be a challenging task. The terminalolgy and numbers can be difficult to understand. Many sales people have been trained to sell you an expensive system and can often overlook your specific needs. The Computer Connextion can help you understand what's available and make the best decision possible, even accompanying you to a retail location if you desire. Typical rates of $40/hr apply, with consultations over the phone at only $30/hr.

Unpacking and setup of new equipment

Once you have your new system, many people prefer to have it unpacked, plugged in and configured by a professional. Not only can this answer any questions you may have, but recommendations can be made to help keep your system safe, secure and running smoothly in the future. This is usually an inexpensive way to be sure you're getting the most value from your new equipment, typically costing around $40.