Multimedia & Entertainment
Audio and video conferencing

Meeting face to face, for business or personal reasons, can be expensive and time consuming. Using your high speed internet connection and free software, you can get the same experience at a fraction of the cost. Quality can vary based on the connections and computers involved, but has improved greatly in recent years. Setup can be as simple or complex as your needs require, just let us know for a free estimate.

PC/TV integration

More and more video and multimedia entertainment is availble on the internet every day. With the proper cabling and the addition of a wireless mouse or keyboard, you can experience videos, music, sports, photos, and often 'webisodes' or popular TV shows directly on you television from the comfort of your living room. Prices vary based on your computer and your interests, so call for a free quote.

Home media servers

The popularity of iTunes and similar services combined with the ease of creating digital photos and videos means many computer owners have large, and growing, collections of digital media. The addition of a low cost media server not only makes it easier to manage these collections, but also allows you to access them from multiple devices and locations around your home. Hardware ranges from a simple network attached storage device, usually in the $150-$200 range, all the way to a fully customized PC/Server. Let us know your requirements and we can provide a free quote to match.

Entertainment center setup

Keeping your home entertainment system running smoothly is no longer as simple as setting the clock on your VCR. Todays home theaters include DVD recorders, DVRs, MP3 players, digital tuners and high definition TVs with dozens of inputs. The Computer Connextion can help hook everything up as well as explain what you have and what it can do for you.

CD and DVD recording

CD/DVD recorders are great for more than just backing up files or copying music. Full CD and DVD authoring allows you to share photos and videos in a format everyone can access. Even older formats, like VHS, Video-8, Mini-DV, photgraphs, and cassette tapes can be converted and burned to disk. Depending on the amount of editting required, this conversion can be as inexpensive as $20 per recording. Let us know your formats and requirements and receive a free estimate.