Programming & Web Development
Website design and registration

Every business, and many home users, can benefit from an online presence, but just getting started can pose a steep learning curve. The Computer Connextion can design anything from a basic one page site to a fully interactive web application. Just let us know what you need and you'll receive a free quote in a few days.

Office automation with MS Office

Although many users are unaware, Microsoft Office has a built in programming language, Visual Basic for Applications, that allows you to change the way these programs behave. By altering their appearance you can simplify otherwise complicated office tasks. You can also link information from one document to another, reducing duplicate entry and saving valuable office hours. In some circumstances, you might benefit from a custom designed database built from existing documents, with reports, letters, and interactive websites built to your specifications. Call for a consultation and a free quote.

Custom applications and data conversion

Sometimes the tasks you need automated just don't fit one of the MS Office documents. The Computer Connextion can design a brand new application from the ground up to do most anything you might need. Even a task that might only be needed once, like changing the format of all your old records, can be greatly sped up with a custom program instead of manually retyping everything. If you think you might be wasting time doing something repetitive, give us a call for a free consultaion and quote.

Archive digitalization

Tired of storing old paper documents, audio tapes, or videos from years ago? With the right combination of hardware and custom or off-the-shelf software, those records can be digitalized and stored on disk in a fraction of the space. Call today to discuss your specific needs.