Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades
Virus, spyware and adware removal

Over time, installations of small programs and utilities can build up on your system. Sometimes these programs are malicious in nature, other times they simply take up valuable system resources. Removing is usually a simple process depending on the severity of the infection. Typlical costs are $40 - $100.

Full system restoration

When cleaning out software and system errors is impossible or would take to long, the most economical solution is to restore the system to it's original configuration. If the system restore software that came with the computer is available this can be a quick process and can cost under $100. Additional time may be required if that software is missing, large amounts of data must be saved, or a lot of new hardware and software has been added to the system since it was purchased.

Hardware replacement or upgrades

An inexpensive way of keeping your system running smoothly and up to date is to replace individual componants as needed. Every part of a system, including video, sound, memory and drives can be replaced with similar or more advanced parts. Prices will vary based on the market, especially if you choose used parts. Some typical prices for new parts are listed below.

1 Gigabyte memory upgrade $25 - $50
250 Gigabyte hard drive $100 - $160
DVD +/-R burner $30 - $50
Cooling fan $10 - $30
USB Keyboard or Mouse $15 - $50
Power supply $50 - $75

Cleaning and dust or smoke removal

In addition to looking bad, a dirty computer can cause problems over time. As dust or smoke accumlates around the intakes on your system, it clogs up the ventilation on vital system parts. This can lead to overheating and componant failure. A typical cleaning, inside and out, can be done at your site for about $40.