Security & Data Recovery
Data recovery from failed drives

Computer Connextion uses state of the art recovery software to analyze and restore anything and everything available on your disk. This process can be used on hard drives, floppy disks, flash drives and optical disks. While we can't promise everything can be recovered, you're only charged for sucessful data restoration.

Network risk anaylsis

Most high speed internet conections are 'always on'. This means that without the proper security in place, your computer is open to attacks from anywhere at any time. Computer Connextion can check for unguarded openings, or ports, through which these attacks take place. In addtion, we'll ensure all security updates are installed and anti-virus, malware protection and spam filters are in place, funtioning and up-to-date. A basic checkup and report is only $40.

Password recovery

Passwords are an important part of a secure computing environment. Of course, if you forget or misplace those passwords you may lose access to your own important data. Most locally stored passwords, such as the Windows logon, and file level passwords to Office documents, accounting software and more, can either be recovered or reset quickly for only $20.

Wireless intrusion prevention

Wireless is internet access is more popular than ever today, but many home and offices have little or no security in place. Even when a password has been set, older encryption standards don't offer much protection and can often be bypassed by a determined individual in a few hours. Once a breach has occurred, it can slow your internet speed, expose your private data, or even allows crimes to be committed using your connection. A quick inspection and enhanced encrytion can make a big difference and costs as little as $20.

Full system backup and restoration

Everyone knows their PC and files should be backed up regularly, but few people actually do. Computer Connextion with either a single backup, or to setup regular and recurring backups. There are many different solution and media available, including online backup, file backup to CD/DVD, or complete system imaging to an external hard drive. Call today to discuss your options and receive a free quotation.